International Children's Music Theatre

ICMT is a theatre organisation proclaiming the necessity of mutuality as a personal priority of all people in the world, no matter their nationality, social status, personal history, age, political, religious or other orientations. It offers quiet and humble choice to answer the question 'Am I in the World or is World in me?'

As ICMT's target audience are young children of preschool and younger school age, its plays are simple, musically dramatic tales which accentuate the need for human mutuality with latent axiological impact in so called second theatre plan. Our ambition is to become a colourful butterfly that sits on the correct bowl of imaginary scales of world history and to fulfil our purpose in the form of the Butterfly effect.

ICMT sums up thirty years old every day experience of Divadlo Dětí (Children's Theatre), which currently satisfies the demands of schools in the very heart of Europe for at least 45 000 children every year.